About John Gill

John Gill is the current world self defense champion and has been teaching since 1985.He  is one of the worlds most experienced and Qualified instructors and is a winner of NSW Australian, USA and 12 World Martial Arts Championships. He was personally taught by one of the worlds leading Grandmasters 9th Dan Blackbelt Sung Soo Lee. John Gill has also featured on The Today show ,Studio Ten ,Channel 7’s Sunrise, The Morning Show and Channel 9’s Kerri-Anne programs and previously on Channel 7 News, Hinch, Channel 10 News, Wonderworld and the 7:30Report. John is also a current and 5 time nominee for Australian of the Year for his contribution to women’s and children’s safety.

Experience That Counts
John Gill is an 15 times world Self Defence champion , a 6th Dan Blackbelt and a Master instructor in Taekwondo and Hapkido. Master Gill offers regular classes , workshops , weekend Motivational and Empowerment retreats and an online learning system in Self Defence ,Taekwondo and Hapkido. Email HERE for further information